6 Juni 2016

Perbanas Institute Postgraduate School (SPS Perbanas Institute) organized a public lecture on banking in cooperation with PT. Bank Negara Indonesia, Tbk that was held on Friday, 3rd June 2016 located in the auditorium of Unit III entitled “The Role of Banking in National Economy in Facing Global Competition” by presenting a single speaker Dr. Rico Rizal Budidarmo, as the Director of Finance and Credit Risk of PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. 

In his presentation, Dr. Rico delivered his material regarding: • The economic development of Indonesia; • National Banking performance, both in terms of loan growth, deposits, LDR, NPLs, Credit Cost and Net Profit of Banking; • Comparative Indicators of Banks in some countries; • Penetration of ASEAN Banks in Indonesia in the last 4-5 years; • Development of Banking Market Share; • Role and Contribution of state-owned banks in the National Economy and • Challenges of Banking Industry in ASEAN Economic Community. From the presentation, Dr. Rico resumed a few things to be concerned by the national banking system in facing ASEAN Economic Community, they are: • Looking ahead; the banking industry will continue to face challenges in five areas covering AEC competition, reduced margins, capital requirements, funding mismatch and effectiveness holding (especially state-owned banks); • National banks need to improve competitiveness and maintain domestic market; • At the regional level, the national bank’s assets and capital is still quite behind, so to be able to compete in ASEAN, the national bank should further improve the competitive product offerings, operational efficiency and optimization of the electronic banking system; and • Strong Capital is one of the requirements to obtain the qualification QAB (Qualified ASEAN Banks). QAB is a bank that can compete in the ASEAN region. Rector of Perbanas Institute, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. Marsudi Wahyu Kisworo was pleased to open the lecture, accompanied by the Dean of Perbanas Postgraduate School Dr. Sri Wahyuni. The public lecture was ended with a question and answer session by the postgraduate students with Mrs. Chicilia Nova Yatna. M. Acc. as the moderator.

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