6 June 2016

On Friday, 27th May 2016 Mr. Hendra Nazaldi, the Assistant Director of Communications for Bank Indonesia launched BI Corner at Perbanas Institute’s Library. In his speech Mr. Nazaldi stated that BI Corner are awarded selectively to leading universities in Indonesia, and BI’s target by 2020 is to build 1,000 BI Corners. It is expected that with the BI Corner students and younger generations know more about BI as the central bank in Indonesia, including its role and tasks. By having the Social Program of Bank Indonesia (PSBI) entitled “Indonesia Cerdas”, Bank Indonesia builds BI Corner as one of the concern for BI in realizing the nation’s smart generation by fostering interest in reading for Indonesian young generation. The BI Corner is a mini library that provides books on economics, business, banking, management of Islamic economy, Islamic banking, banking law, taxation, encyclopedias, and and equipped with computer facilities and audio-visual as supporting information-based IT. Perbanas Institute as a university that focuses on finance and banking in Indonesia had the honor and was selected by Bank Indonesia receives the BI Corner program. The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Patria Laksamana, Ph.D, the Vice Dean of Academic Affairs and completed with discussion under the theme “Success with Writing” with the speaker Donny Digantoro (Author of 5 cm and Alumnus of 2002).

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