Accreditation A

Bachelor Degree in Management prepares human resources who are able to face challenges in the financial sector, banking and other sectors both at national and international level. The Management program graduates are not only equipped with wide knowledge of business and economics, but well equipped with knowledge and skills on information technology (IT) as well as mastery of English. To achieve these advantages, the courses in Management are designed as competency based curriculum and laboratory development.

Perbanas Institute

Graduates Program Management Studies will have the competence

  • Finance and banking manager 
  • Businessman
  • Enterpreneur
  • Researcher

The graduates are prepared to have the ability:

  • to plan, design financial and banking system and apply it in an enterprise
  • to identify, analyze problems, problem solving and decision making systemic and systematic, rational and creative
  • to evaluate and assess a process and a system operating in the field of finance and banking\
  • to have self-confidence, the ability to build relationships, discipline, cooperation and a desire to continue to grow
  • to create and innovate in applying the theory of management science and technology into business practices
  • to design and carry out research, including analyzing and interpreting the data
  • to implement business ethics in finance and banking
  • to identify and manage risk and uncertainty
  • to communicate and negotiate effectively and systematically
  • to enhance self-development in the social life of society