Accreditation A

This program provides learning systems which develop the intellectual capital of students, particularly in the areas of accounting. After completing the study, its graduates can work as public accountants, auditor, internal auditors, management accountants, accountants tax experts, accountants expert in information systems, and conventional or sharia bank accountant. The options for students of Bachelor degree in Accounting include: Auditing, Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Tax, Accounting System, Accounting Conventional Banking and Sharia Banking Accounting.

The excellence program of Bachelor degree in accounting is supported by: lecturers who are competent and experienced in accounting practices; the location of the campus that is strategically located in the golden triangle area of the business center and offices; the curriculum which is appropriate to the needs of the profession; scholarships for students who are outstanding in academics and sports; as well as complete educational facilities.

Perbanas Institute

Another advantage is the cooperation with various banking institutions under the auspices of the National Banks Association (Perbanas) and the organization of the accounting profession, including the accreditation of professional organizations from within and outside the country such as:

1. CPA Australia

Bachelor Degree in Accounting has been accredited by CPA Australia in 2014, so that the graduates of the Bachelor degree in Accounting are freed from Foundation Level and directly may join Professional Level to earn a CPA Australia.

2. Institute of Indonesia Chartered Accountants / Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia (IAI)

As a campus affiliated with IAI (IAI Affiliated Campus), Perbanas Institute provides competency certification program for its graduates.

3. ACCA (the association of chartered certified accountant) from the United Kingdom

In the accreditation process to determine the liberation of graduates from the level that should be taken on the ACCA program. Another advantage of this course is that students with better academic achievement to complete studies within 2.5 years.