15 April 2015

After welcoming the visit of the assessors of the Higher-Education National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT) for the Bachelor Degree (S1) Management Study Program a week ago, on 16th April to 18th April 2015, the Bachelor Degree (S1) Accounting Study Program Perbanas Institute hosted a visitation from the assessors of BAN-PT. The visitation is addressed in the meeting room of Unit V building 7th floor.

The assessors team of BAN-PT were Prof. Emita Wahyu Astami, Ak, MBA, Ph.D., from the University of Technology in Yogyakarta and Dr. Idayanti Nursyamsi, SE., M.Si. from the University of Hasanuddin Makassar.

The Principals, the Deans, the Directors, the Heads of the Bureau, and the Heads of the working units related to the visitation were present in the opening ceremony. Besides filled with questions and answers and also intensive discussion, the visitation activities were also filled with observation to several locations within Perbanas Institute campus such as the laboratories and the library.

We all do expect the best results from this visitation.

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