D-3 Accounting

These courses have a curriculum that is designed to suit the needs of accounting practices in the business world so graduates can work as secondary workers in accounting who have the knowledge and ability to :

  • prepare financial statements
  • calculate the tax returns and prepare a report individuals and entities
  • operate software / application and integrated financial accounting
  • implement accounting audits and reporting audit results
  • work in the business sector finance and banking as well as other business sectors

All the accounting subjects in this program are supported by accounting laboratory with the aim that students have the skills and expertise that are ready and able to apply in the world of work. Besides, in the final semester of their studies, students must follow the final form of Job Training which is equivalent to four (4) credits. The field work is implemented with an internship in a company or a public accounting firm for one or two months. Students are able to determine their own company or a public accounting firm in accordance with the desired or determined by the campus. Another advantage of this course is that students with better academic achievement to complete studies within 2.5 years.