Perbanas Institute Opens S-1 Sharia Banking and Finance Study Program

26 July 2016

On Tuesday, July 26, 2016 held at the Auditorium Unit III, Perbanas Institute launched S-1 Sharia Banking and Finance by holding a seminar on Sharia Banking under the theme: “Opportunities and Challenges for Human Capital in the Global Sharia Finance”. This event was attended by ademicians, high school teachers, and guests from various circles.

The seminar presented a keynote speaker Dr. Muliaman D. (Chief Commissioner of Indonesia Financial Services Authority) who was represented by Mr. Achmad Buchori as the Head of Sharia Banking Department of the IFSA, and other speakers, include:

  1. Dr. Hamid Fahmi Zarkasyi, MA, ED, M. Phil (Islamic University Darussalam, Gontor);
  2. Dr. Suminto (Director of Islamic Financing of Ministry of Finance);
  3. Dr. Imam T. Saptono (Director of BNI Sharia);
  4. Dr. Marisa Haque, M.H., Hum., MBA., M.Sc. (Moderator)

Perbanas Institute’s S-1 Sharia Banking and Finance focuses on sharia banking and finance with the aims:

  1. To produce graduates who are ready to become competent human resources, professional and excel in sharia banking and financial industry;
  2. To produce graduates who uphold the values of sharia and noble in any work activity;
  3. To produce graduates who understand the values of the sharia economic well and be able to apply both within the working environment as well as in society.

Then the graduates of S-1 Sharia Banking and Finance are expected to be professional in the areas of :

  1. Practitioners of sharia banking;
  2. Practitioners in sharia capital markets and investment industry;
  3. Analyst and fund manager at sharia financial institutions;
  4. Practitioners (entrepreneurs) in sharia companies or businesses.
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