Impeesa is an organization that aims at fostering mental, mind, and personality in accordance with the spirit of Pancasila and the interests and talents of students who love the environment.

IMPEESA comes from the title given to Lord Boden Powell by Ashanti tribe in South Africa meaning “Wolf Who Never Sleep”.

Impeesa has three divisions, namely:

  • Mount Forest
  • Rock Climbing
  • Diving (Scuba Diving)



  • Basic education
  • Strengthening 3 Division
  • Members of Wandering
  • Gede Holiday
  • Smiling Rafting
  • Weekend Island
  • SAR (Search and Rescue)



  • Kopassus expedition in Himalaya, 1997
  • Carstensz Pyramid Expedition,
  • Leuser Expedition
  • Parang Expedition
  • Diving in Bunaken
  • Diving in Gili Terawangan, Lombok
  • Parang Endog Climbing, DIY
  • Siung Climbing, Wonosari
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