BACHELOR DEGREE IN MANAGEMENT  This program prepares students to face the challenges of human resources both at national and international level for the financial sector, banking, and other sectors.


BACHELOR DEGREE IN ACCOUNTING This study program provides a learning system for intellectual capital development of learners, particularly in the areas of accounting with the global standard. After completing the program, the graduates can work as public accountants, auditors, internal auditors, management accountants, accountants tax experts, accountant information systems expert, and conventional and sharia banks accountants.


BACHELOR DEGREE IN SHARIA BANKING AND FINANCE   The program prepares human resource level Bachelor degree competent in the field of Financial Management and Sharia Banking.

DIPLOMA III IN FINANCE AND BANKING The objective of establishing the Diploma Program in Finance and Banking is a program of vocational / professional established with the aim to produce graduates with the special characteristics.


DIPLOMA III IN ACCOUNTING The program has a curriculum which is designed according to the needs of accounting practices in the business world so graduates can work as secondary workers in the field of accounting.


  • A copy of SMU graduation certificate or legalized graduation notification letter,
  • A copy of legalized grades report in the last semester of class XI and the first semester of class XII,
  • 4 x 6 colorful photograph (1).


  • Students candidate will get 5% discount if the tuition fee is installed after 10 days of acceptance information.
  • The expense may be paid in installment.


  • Copy of legalized school report on semesters 4 and 5 (if a student has not passed SMA / SMK / MA / equivalent)
  • Copy of legalized certificate and SKHUN (if a student already graduated from SMA / SMK / MA / equivalent)
  • Entrance Test Free, if Mathematics & English scores ≥ 7 or 70
  • The latest photograph 4 × 6; 1 colored
  • Copy of ID Card/Student Card
  • Copy of Family Card
  • Copy of birth certificate



  • Copy of legalized Score Transcript until the last semester that has been taken
  • Certificate of ever joined the previous college
  • Registered on Higher Education Data Base (PDPT), Higher Education (Web Here’s how: go to Menu Search Data – Student Profile- Input data the previous College, Program & keywords with Name / Reg. Number – click search the student, if found click your name – print the web page
  • The status of the study program accreditation from the previous college must be at least equal to the status of accreditation of Perbanas Institute


  • Cost does not include: Student Card, Registration fee per semester, Cost for Thesis Examination and Graduation
  • Tuition fee includes alma mater jacket and laboratory costs
  • Regular Classes of S1 Management and Accounting will get two textbooks to be used for 4 semesters
  • Semester Fee from 2-7 for S1 or the semester 2-5 for D3 is fixed (Flat) with 2 x installments, fee 8th semester (S1) or 6th semester for D3 will be charged per credit
  • Regular Classes for Students S1 Accounting, Management, Information Systems and Information Technology payments until the 7th semester:
  • S1 Accounting & Management: 7 x Rp 15 million = Rp 105 million
  • S1 Informatics System & Information Technology: 7 x Rp 11 million = Rp 77 million

Get a bonus of one Notebook (further info can be asked at the Marketing Office)


  • When resigned as accepted at State Universities accordance Announcement Letter No. 017 / PMB / X / 2015: University of Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University, Brawijaya University, Bogor Agricultural University, Institute of Technology Bandung and the Institute of Technology 10 November through SNMPTN, SBMPTN and Mandiri Examination, fees will be refunded (except the cost of the registration form) to be charged administration of Rp 1,000,000.
  • If a student does not pass the National Examination for SMA / SMK / equivalent, or he/she does not have a Certificate of National Exam Results (SKHUN), fees will be refunded 100% (except the cost of the registration form).
  • When a student resigns for reasons other than point No. 1 and No. 2 above, the costs already paid will not be refunded, and limit the filing of resigning before the closing date of New Students Registration at August 31, 2017 by completing the Application Form Refund.

Documents required for resignation:

  • Refund Application Form
  • Evidence of not Passing National Examination for SMA / SMK / equivalent, or
  • Proof of graduation received at the State Universities
  • A copy of the payment receipt at state universities
  • Original Temporary Student Identity Card
  • First Payment Slip of Perbanas Institute
  • Alma mater jacket of Perbanas Institute


  • Academic Achievement in High School/equivalent proven with a certificate from Principal stating the best students in semester 5 with the following ranks: Rank 1-5 or Rank 6-10
  • Parents are permanent employees at the bank members of Banks Association, with the following requirements:
  • Letter of Appointment or certificate permanent employees of the Bank’s HRD
  • Copy of Bank Employee ID Card
  • Family card
  • Parents or Sibling are alumni or currently studying at Perbanas Institute scholarship with the following requirements:
  • Copy of diploma certificate / student ID card of Perbanas Institute of parents or siblings
  • Athletes; the percentage of the scholarship is determined by Student Unit with the requirements:
  • the recommendation letter from the parent club or organization / institution competent
  • attach a photocopy of the award / certificate / diploma / photos / evidence of articles in the media on the achievements (level regional, national or international).
  • Bidik Misi requirements: enrollment via and pass the selection process by the Students Unit of Perbanas Institute.
  • All documents required for scholarship must be completed and attached at the beginning of registration.
  • Scholarship applies only at the first semester.
  • To get the scholarship reduction students should make payments Phase I & II altogether in the first semester.
  • Cost of registration reduction can not be combined with another scholarship reduction.


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